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Life is Great! I am married to the most hillarious, loving and brilliant man who is only a more amazing father. I have the three most beautiful, spunky little girls that I am blessed to be able to stay home with them and do all of those fun mommy things I always wanted to do.I thank God for the path I am living! I enjoy getting away to my "Cricut Lovenest" to play when the house is quiet. It is good for my soul!! It is rather new to me but I feel like the "Cricut and scrapbooking community " is such an amazing and talented group of people, I can grow and learn from...I feel so lucky!

Monday, November 8

8 Years - Anniversary Card and Sleeve

8 years and what a great 8 it has been!
For this card I used:
Gypsy Font...for the font of course.
Plantin Schoolbook for the card shell and the sleeve base.
I thought a sleeve was a different way to house the card since it didn't need to be mailed.
Designer's Calendar for the background and the "8".
I took the wedding rings and turned on its side 
then I used some simple rhinestone and ribbon embellishments.


  1. I think everything about this is amazing! I love the colors and the paper. I especially love the design! You have great style!

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